HR Training and Assessments

Quarterly Management Training Programs

Do you believe that management training is a continuous process? Do you feel that skills can only be obtained through repetitive practice and that they should be learned before the incident occurs? Do you wish you had the time to provide proactive training?

The team at HR Benefit Solutions will work with you to develop a quarterly, cost effective management and/or employee-training program. Conducted on-site, our customized, interactive workshops would present strategic and relevant organizational and management topics. These topics could include;

  • Harassment Prevention Education
  • Understanding Diversity Issues
  • Managing Performance
  • Progressive Discipline Process
  • Understanding Your HIPAA Compliance Responsibilities
  • Managing Salaries
  • Linking Pay to Performance
  • Rewarding and Recognizing Employees
  • How to Managing and Motivate Difficult Employees
  • Keys to Successful Recruitment/Interviewing and Selection
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Recent Changes in Labor Law
  • Creating a Coaching Environment
  • Management Staff Planning and Budgeting
  • How to Successfully Manage Upward.

Diversity & Harassment Prevention Training Programs

When was the last time that you conducted a Harassment Prevention or Diversity Training program?   When was the last time you reviewed your Harassment and Diversity policies and programs?

If you cannot recall, your company may not withstand an EEO/Harassment complaint and compliance audit. This will result in a 4 to 5 figure penalty with 45 days for you to provide harassment prevention education. We understand your urgency to correct this problem and will provide a customized, if necessary, bi-lingual training program to your managers and/or employees, compatible with your company’s policies

HIPAA Compliance Program and Training

Do you have a policy that complies with the HIPAA PHI security requirements? Does your senior management understand its fiduciary responsibilities and organization liabilities with HIPAA? Did you still think that HIPAA had two P’s (HIPPA) instead of two A’s?

You will be educated on current HIPAA regulations and the compliance requirements while developing a policy and program that is organizationally compatible. Teaming with your designated Privacy Officer, we will develop a customized employee education and training program that complements your organizations privacy philosophy and insure your ability to conduct business. You will learn how to;

  1. Develop PHI security shields and the fiduciary liability of the Privacy Officer
  2. Create PHI security levels
  3. Develop an effective HIPAA policy and communication program to reduce liabilities and communicate responsibility
  4. Insure that your benefit policy is and remain HIPAA compliant.

Performance Development Training Program

Is your company experiencing quality and service problems? Are there inconsistencies between your employee performance average and management perceptions? Can your managers recite all the steps of your Performance Development process?

Our customized, in-house Performance Training Program will reinforce and re-educate your managers of their fiduciary responsibility to link quality and service with performance ratings. They will learn how to obtain employee involvement in the development of performance objectives, show linkage between objective and the company’s goals and understand how to reduce stress in conducting difficult performance evaluations.

Breaking Boundaries and Creating Organizational Change

Has your organization lost focus? Is it struggling to identify the next opportunity? Have you lost a significant part of your organizational charter?

Using a customized, collaborative, team-based approach we will insure your involvement leading your organizations revision, revitalization and change process. Working with you and your senior executives, we will identify mission and vision gaps, lost opportunities and revitalize/re-energize the organization. They will learn how to define change management, manage strategic pressure, evaluate organization effectiveness, identify the steps in your organizations change process and insure a model of constant improvement.